In the Media - April 2023

Posted on Sat April 22, 2023.

Stars and Roses - a romantic getaway
The wonderful Waterfall Valley is the place to be at the moment. What used to be Cascade County Manor is now Waterfall Valley and the location is still as beautiful as ever

The guesthouse, that is situated 5km from the World Famous Nederburg Wine Estate, is not only a perfect getaway for a romantic weekend, but also an amazing destination for groups. The crystal clear swimming pool vouches for refreshing dips in summer and four fireplaces in the Manor keep you warm in winter. A walk to the waterfall rain or shine is an absolute must!

There is no restaurant but they do cater breakfast and dinner for in-house guests and have lovely picnic options! For the ultimate relaxation, make sure you book you spa treatments in advance to secure your treat.

Madeleine Mayer - Travel Writer