what you might want to know

We are located in a hidden valley, and you might want to know a few things before you get here.

We might not be available on phone or email during the day, but if you send a WhatsApp message we will get back to you as soon as possible. Here is a list of frequently asked questions and our replies to them. Click on the + next to the question to read the answers. 


Do you allow day visitors?

only to the spa

We welcome anyone who takes a drive up to pay us a visit at reception, but our facilities are not open to day visitors without prior arrangements. The spa is open with a pre bookings. We do not have a restaurant and our kitchen caters only for guests staying at the hotel. However we do sometimes have pop-up offerings and then you are welcome to pop-in.    [pop-up] meaning that there is coffee and cake or other treats available ad hoc, but not as a continuous offering

Can we take photos at the Waterfall ?

This is a long answer

Guests that are staying at the hotel can take photos where ever they like as long as it does not interfere with other guests or the operations on the farm or at the hotel. However there are a few terms and conditions that need to be observed. Please follow this link to see the different options available to use Waterfall Valley as a location for your photo shoot. 

Can we use the pool ?


Our in-door spa pool and the outdoor pools are only available to spa visitors and or house guests staying at the hotel 

Is it still called Cascade Country Manor ?

Thank you for asking

We have been operating under the name Cascade Manor and Cascade Country Manor for over  15 years. It is a brand that has become synonymous with the romantic leisure destination and function venue that we have run. After a series of unfortunate events between 2020 and 2022, we have decided to step away from the brand name and build a new identity. Our hospitality style has moved from luxury leisure to more of a holistic comfort approach. Our new trading name for the hotel is 'Retreat at Waterfall Valley'. The Spa is called 'Olive Valley Spa', and we also added activities under the name 'Olive Valley Walks'. The company name remains Cascade Manor and the property or the hotel has not been sold.  

Do you host weddings?

yes, we do

We are delighted to announce the we are still host weddings at Waterfall Valley. We offer the rooms and venue as a combined package for an exclusive weekend. We offer the venue and give you our preferred caterers, decorators and coordinators. You may choose to bring your own service providers, and we look forward to meet them. The venue is offered as is and the service providers can dress up and arrange as they see fit, provided that what they offer is sustainable in a remote, natural setting. For more information and details on having your wedding at Waterfall Valley you can email mywedding@waterfallvalley.online

How is the road?


We have 2.8km’s of gravel road that separates us from civilisation. We reckoned that you breathe, take it slow and leave the worries of the city behind you when you turn off Swawelstert Road. You can comfortably drive the road in a normal 2x2 car. We even had some very low sports cars drive up. In Winter it used to get slippery, but thanks to excellent work by our local municipality, we can now park the tractors and not worry about that part.

the video shows the drive up after a rainy night in June 2023. The actual drive took 5 minutes. The video is condensed to 35 sec

Are you open for lunch?

not today ...

Our restaurant is closed and we only offer light meals to in-house guests. However, you can book a picnic for two to enjoy near the waterfall. Regretfully, we do not offer picnics for bigger groups unless it is booked as a function. You might want to consider our harvest table for up to 12 guests, set in the olive grove and laid with delicious fresh produce of the season. 

Do you offer DsTV ?

No, in fact we do not offer any channel or streaming. We currently still have television screens in most rooms and guests may choose to link up their own devices but as a retreat we encourage guests to switch off and engage with nature.